Seawall is a coastal region on the eastern coast of Tolvane. Seawall is frequented by traders and travellers. The most common destination for both is the Misty Isles, which lie about three weeks' sail south east, and represent the next significant land before the longer journey to Rand, the next big land mass.

Travellers enter Seawall on the infamous King's Road, which leads in from the East having passed through Thane via the mountain pass which runs beside the Dwarven city of Hammerfast

Seawall is famed for its capital, Kurn, a city which is literally a wall against the sea. The formation of rocks in the waters to the East of Tolvane create savage storms that ravage the coast. Seawall is the land's defence against this- an artificial cliff constructed in stone blocks that houses a bustling trading town within its walls. The main body of the Kurn extends back onto the land mass, nestling in a basin created by damming the river Hurin and creating the Hurin valley. The valley tilts down to Seawall and is dotted with farmsteads.

As a traveller moves up the valley away from Kurn City they will reach the base of the Forian Wall, a great Dwarven dam that holds back the river Hurin and creates Lake Foria.


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