Pendale is a small region within the Nentir vale, to the north. Pendale is about five days' walk from Winterhaven further south, and lies due west of Coldwood. Beyond Pendale, there is little but barren, snowy rises and foothills that lead up into the Worlds Edge Mountains. A few hardy sheep herders and the like live in this part of Pendale, but the more populous area is at the bottom end of the region.

Pendale Manor is the centre of the region, or was until recently. Pendale was a very successful region and was the supplier of much if the militia strength for Nentir, but the Pendale family was struck by tragedy some months ago, and a series of events has seen Pendale Manor closed up and empty, and the coffers of the region run dry. 

As a result, the region has emptied of people who have headed south to seek better conditions, and only those unwilling or unable to move remain.

One notable exception to this is the area around North Holt Abbey, for the followers of Pelor protect the farms immediately surrounding them, and a local tribe of Goliaths keep the goblinoids at bay in exchange for local goods and services. 


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