North Holt Abbey

North Holt Abbey is built on a forbidding outcrop of hard rock and sits iin an area blasted by bitter winds and flurries of snow. Surrounding it are a few hardy farmers who enjoy the protection of the Clerics of Pelor within.

The Abbey itself was built as a training ground for warrior-priests and as such is a heavy, fortified building, easily defneded in times of war. 

Currently the Abbey holds 19 clerics and trainees of various race. Although North Holt holds the title "Abbey" it does take in female applicants as well as male. 

The head of the Abbey is Abbot Berris, an old cleric retired from active duty and very well-read in the sphere of religion and the fight against undead. 

Two other notable members of the Abbey are Brother Naylor, master-at-arms, and Sister Verenneth, keeper of the scrolls and librarian. 

The worship of Pelor is the main function of the Abbey, and consequently the fight against Necromancy in all its forms. Underneath its small chapel, a crypt which is the resting place of Sir Drayton, knight of Pelor, serves as a focal point for the battle, as it contains several artefacts of radiance that the Abbey can call upon in times of need. It is here that an old evil linked to Nexxark the Corrupter was hidden for many years, prompting an assault on the Abbey by Roltan the Black which could have been disasterous save for his overconfidence.


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North Holt Abbey

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