Nentir Vale

The Nentir Vale is a region in the northwest of the country of Tolvane. It is a large area hemmed in by a large mountain range to the north and east, and forest to the west which runs down to the Western Ocean. At its southmost point, the Vale blends into the Desolation, which is a no-man's land that separates the Vale from the hotter lands to the south of Tolvane.

The main city within the Vale is Fallcrest, which lies on the eastmost border just beyond the Witching Pass. Beyond Fallcrest, a traveller will have left the Vale and be entering the neighbouring region of Thane.

The Vale has suffered much depradation at the hands of goblins and kobolds, as well as banditry, since the collape of Pendale to the north, as Pendale had previously provided a large maount of the region's militia manpower and training. 



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Nentir Vale

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