Gardbury Downs

The Downs are a marshy, unpleasant area dominated by a massive watchtower, relic from the old Empire. Ruins scatter the surface of the Downs and draw treasure hunters to their stagnant reaches. They must contend with the undead which abound, for the Shadowfell waxes strongly here.

 In times past it is thought that Gardubry was a major military town for the Narethi Empire, and also the site of a fierce battle involving powerful enchantment. This, it is said, led to the destruction of the area and the primacy of the Shadowfell. Permanent cloud and twlight means that the undead that roam here do so with impunity.

Due to the foulness of the creatures that make their home within the Downs, most avoid it- although daily tales of another foolish treasure hunter meeting a grisly fate are a rich source of ghoulish entertainment in the taverns.


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Gardbury Downs

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