Forian Wall

The Forian Wall  ( Map ) is the name given to the great Dwarven dam which holds back the river Hurin from Seawall and creates Lake Foria. Built in times long past, this massive stone construction is an impressive sight, carved with effigies of Dwarven Lords and Ladies and mythic beasts. 


Lake Foria is the first sign of civilisation travellers encounter in Seawall if travelling west- having left the mountains of Hammerfast behind, a difficult journey that crosses the river Hurin will eventually bring the lake into view. 

Most of the great lake is encircled by wild lands, but on the South-Eastern end of the Wall lies the Dwarf community of Thengil, which dedicates itself to the maintenence of the Wall and the lake itself. This community of around 500 Dwarfs is fairly cosmopolitan by the standards of Dwarven folk and have frequent trade with the Hurin valley below, and Kurn beyond. Dwarves travel into the valley by means of a series of interlinked tunnels and lifts built into the fabric of the Forian Wall itself. 

 Thengil is a creative community; Dwarven-crafted items reach a good price in Seawall with traders sailing around the coast and on  to Rand. The leadership of the community is shared between High-Smith Thongir Sternhammer and Priestess Valia Forgeheart, follower of Moradin.

 The community maintains a small temple of Moradin and a militia known as the Phalanx- although all Dwarves are trained in combat from an early age. The most frequent duties for the Phalanx involve repelling raiders from the northern shore of the lake and patrolling the Scar, a twisted valley to the west which legend holds was the resting place for an ancient evil.

Evidence of the conflict with the denizens of the Scar during the time of the building of the Wall can be found; twelve statues known collectively as the Ancestors' Vigil, or Vigil-Keepers, stand in the land- two on the Wall itself, three more in the village and the remaining seven placed in procession across the land between Thengil and the entrance to the Scar. The end of this procession marked by two Ancestors standing side by side at the edge of the Scar itself. 

 Each Ancestor is intricately carved and around nine or ten feet high, hewn from fine granite. Their exact purpose in unclear even in the Dwarven writings that date from the time of the building, but legend holds that as long as they are vigilant, no evil may enter or leave the Scar. 



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Forian Wall

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