Dunradil, the great Dwarven City Bridge, is an imposing sight and the stuff of legend.

It crosses the Great Span about halfway along its length, forming a link between the Worlds Edge Mountains and the rest of the world.  It takes the appearance of a great bridge hundreds of feet wide, and many stories tall- literally a city in itself- that crosses from the mountain base to a pinnacle of rock two days' travel north of North Holt Abbey

The city is held in place by two titanic chains, each link the size of a sailboat, which in turn are held by two colossal statues of Morradin, the dwarven creator God, and Evenadra, the Dwarven Goddess of passage to the afterlife. Each statue is wreathed in cloud and it is not often that travellers can see the heads of these mighty creations. 

The Gate of Dunradil is huge also, although smaller access doors exist within it. It is guarded at all times and the walls of the city-bridge are studded with bolt throwers- relics of more warlike times, but the legendary distrust of Dwarves for other races mean they remain manned at all times.

Within, Dunradil is a maze of winding passageways and doors, terraces and enclosed vistas. Visitors are totally reliant on guides to move around the city, and it is said not even Elves could find their way through its streets. 

Dunradil is ruled over by the Bridgelord, currently  Hengil High-hammer. Although he possesses the classic Dwarven mistrust and shortness with outsiders, he is also a fair ruler and willing to listen to reasonable requests for access to the mountains.


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