Heralds Of Orcus

Book 1 Chapter 2

Cryptic words

Heading beneath the manor the group discover a large under ground complex of store rooms over run and converted by kobolds, after battling through the kobold hordes and cunning traps they finally face down the kobold wyrm priest and the last of his minions aided by Nebin an acrobatic halfling the group rescued from a vicous koblod game.

Nebin found a secret passage way leading further down into a vapour filled tunnel. Deciding to leave Korin and Malaggar to defend the secret passage way the remainder of the group pressed on into the worked out passage until it opened out into a large natural cavern filled with a choking green fog.

Littering the floor of the cavern where the bodies of kobolds and cutting the cavern in half was a sickly green river, Adran approached the river with the intention of using the potion Valthrun the Sage gave them when out of the fog a gout of poisonous gas blankets the group and a green dragon emerges and attacks.
Duing the titanic battle that pushes the group to their limits help arrives in the form of a frothing beserker giant named Gauthak and between them they manage to slay Verdis.

With Verdis’s dying breath he utters " Four will come and four will call" and with that cryptic message the group purify the water soucre and make their way back to Winterhaven for some well deserved rest.



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