Heralds Of Orcus

Book 1 Chapter 1

A road least travelled

The circumstances that brought the group together are varied, but needless to say, Korinn a devote cleric, Adran a noble paladin, Fen an agile ranger and Malaggar a formidable battlemind found themselfs travelling together along a disused and forgotten trade road towards the town of Winterhaven when they were attacked by a band of kobolds testing their luck.

After an intense battle the party was victorious and continued on their way.
Arriving at Winterhaven they soon discovered that the town had been poisned and the villagers were in desperate need of help as the kobolds were free to raid as they liked unoppossed, soon the party was invited to meet Lord Padraig who requested their help in removing the kobold threat and curing the poisoned water supply.

Following a meeting with Valthrun the Sage the group set off for the ruined manor house 4days away equipped with a fragile potion that if poured into the source of the poisoned water, would cleanse the supply thus saving Winterhaven.

On arriving at the manor, Fen scouted around and found a trap door leading underneath the ruins.
Preparing themselves they decended into the tunnels…..



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